Like you, we want the softest, most comfortable fabrics against our skin. We were constantly struggling to find these types of high quality, elevated essentials to stock our underwear collection with, so we decided to create these pieces ourselves. Mai was born from a fantasy of wearing our favourite bikini every day, and now you can.


Taking a step away from the "fast fashion" industry standard and moving toward a higher quality garment Mai underwear is designed in Canada and made from premium materials, based on cuts that celebrate the female figure and not try to hide it.  These will become your new "A-listers". We believe that everyone is beautiful and that you should celebrate your shape, so we have different levels of coverage for whatever makes you feel most comfortable.


 All seams are hidden or non-existent on the garment, wherever possible. We promise this will be the most comfortable underwear you've ever worn! Once you touch your first pair you'll want to start phasing out your whole collection.


 Mai you are beautiful.

Mai Designer and models